The 4 Pillars
of a Great Online Store

Photography is huge. It is important to feature high resolution and professional pictures of your products. Unfortunately many online stores overlook this factor when planning their online budget. Showing multiple angles of your product and incorporating a zoom feature is a necessity for an online store. You are trying to create a desirable brand for your customer, lifestyle imagery is a key way to communicate your brand culture. A great example of this is well known retailer Nasty Gal, their lifestyle imagery and product photography reflects who they are as a company and who they are talking to.

A tip: Using a zoom feature for your products is becoming an essential for a quality e-commerce experience. This is where high resolution images are key, the larger the image the more detail a customer can see when hovering. Keep in mind images should be optimized for web.

Fresh Content:
So many companies think of their blog last. Consider your blog a way to spark interest, discuss topics and promote your brand. Constantly creating new content for your blog is key. Write compelling titles and content. Some of the most effective retail blogs cover topics from all angles whether it be new product in this season, special events going on this month and what your team does on it's spare time. Minixstyle does a great job with using their adventures to highlight their culture. Friend and blogger Steaktooth has created a cult following with her blog which translates to the Teenage brand. It's not only great for search engines but more importantly it's content for your visitors and it's solidfying your personality as a brand or retailer.
Compelling Product Descriptions:
Write product descriptions that create desire, are rich in keywords and outline detail. Don't keyword stuff and don't copy and paste descriptions from other retailers. Descriptive and well thought out product descriptions help the customer visualize the product, the more questions you can answer in your description the more confident a potential buyer will feel.
A Clear Call to Action:
The site should be easy to navigate and a visitor should be able to complete the main objectives easily. When designing an online store, we list main objectives and have a third party try to accomplish those objectives. If they are unable to locate a button or find the cart then we know where to improve.

In the coming weeks we will cover more tips and tools on running your ecommerce store. In the meantime visit our work page to browse.

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